Zac West shares about his passion and his stoke for LYDA!

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Meet slopestyle rider Zac West:

(Photo by Jim Merithew/@tinyblackbox)

He’s 21 years old and lives in Morgan Hill, CA. He grew up riding dirt bikes with his family and during this time he really got into mountain biking at a very young age. He fell in love with this sport, which has now turned into his main focus in his life. “There’s countless reasons why I’m passionate about slopestyle. It’s taken me all over the world with my best friends. It’s always a good time on my bike!”

(Photo by clint trahan/

“Looking good and being comfortable plays a big role when determining which products to wear, which is why I chose to wear LYDA Collective denim. Not only are these pants tough and rip resistant, but they’re also extremely comfortable and flexible. They have a pretty slim look but my pads also comfortably fit underneath. Overall LYDA’s denim is good craftsmanship”. – Zac West

(Photo by Josh Woodward/@coffeehousemedia)


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