Short Review on LYDA’s Womens Multi-use Denim!


Meet Heather,

She’s a new LYDA customer and just bought a pair of the womens multi-use denim. Check out her Instagram at @heathertheshredder  to see what other activities she loves to do in LYDA jeans!

@heathertheshredder “Holy $&*#, my Lyda jeans just showed up and I’m so stoked. These are exactly what I’ve been looking for forever. They’re tough, long enough, reinforced where they need to be, all black. I live on a boat so it’s important to have a few quality items that I wear a lot. Thank you for making a pair of jeans I will literally wear nearly everyday. Can’t wait to put them to the test, I’ll be buying them again so don’t change anything or go anywhere. It’s crazy, it’s like you designed them exactly for me, that was so kind of you!”

@lydacollective…”Ummm ☺️thank you and you’re welcome!!



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