Proud Gold Sponsor of the 2020 Women’s Adventure Film Tour!


LYDA Collective is honored to be a gold sponsor of the 2020 Women’s Adventure Film Tour hosted by Get Outside Adventures ! The WAFT features real stories from a variety of culture and sports around the world. “Being adventurous doesn’t always have to mean being the fastest, going the highest or doing the most extreme things. Adventure for most of us is stepping outside our comfort zone and climbing our own personal Everest.”

LYDA’s culture is about promoting self-expression of our individual selves. Everyone’s personal journey and challenges are going to be different based on who that person is. But, through sharing our experiences and relating to others through adventure and nature, we can freely express our own selves as we are. Completely unapologetic. 

LYDA’s mission is to offer women and men durable, modern apparel that speaks to their individual selves and empowers them to live an adventurous, active lifestyle. The Women’s Adventure Film Tour supports and promotes women in adventure sports who are pushing their own limits to achieve their dreams. Come out and support this empowering film fest!! See dates and locations below…Live Your Dreams Always

Be sure to follow @getoutsideadventures on IG and Get Outside on FB!

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