Local BC Rider, Jake Fox Gives Short Review on LYDA’s Jeans and Shares His Passion for MTB!

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(Photo by Dylan Sherrard/@dylansherrard)

My name is Jake Fox, I am 22 years old and born and raised in Langley B.C. I grew up riding bikes, but this one teacher in high-school started a MTB club and would basically drive my buddies and I to so many new zones on the weekends. I’d say that club is what really got me into riding. Now I think it’s the community that has kept me into biking for as long as I have.

(Photo by Hailey Elise/@haileyelisee)

Obviously I love riding and progressing, but if you don’t have a crew of buddies to ride and progress with, you loose half the fun. Its crazy how everyone comes from such different backgrounds and walks of life but we all have such a great friendship based on riding and I think that’s super rad! I also love the creative freedom of it and how there are no rules or set ways to ride.

(Photo by Kaz Yamamura/@kazyamamura)

I ride everything from downhill to skateparks. I find riding lots of different styles of biking keeps it fresh and fun. Usually I compete in a few slopestyle contests each year. I do enjoy competing, however I much prefer working on video projects. Its way more relaxing and creative in my opinion rather then trying to piece together a contest run.

(Photo by Issac Wallen/@wally8tree1)

Here are a few videos Jake was apart of!




(Photo by Damon Berryman/@damonberryman)

I have been riding in LYDA jeans for 3 years now and I can say hands down they are the best jeans for riding and casual wear. I still have the first pair I got 3 years ago and they are still mint with no major blow outs or holes, which is pretty crazy after 3 years of hard riding in them.

I love supporting smaller companies because you know the quality is going to be really superior. Also, the people who design and stand behind the product shows why they make the best jean in the game!

If you haven’t already go get a pair!

(Photo by Kaz Yamamura/@kazyamamura)

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