The DJ Women's Product Review by House of Buxum!

Follow the directions in the video for a chance to win a pair of women's size 27 jeans, a LYDA toque and a hat! Thanks Kris :).   Live Your Dreams Always

Hands on Work, While Staying True to Your Style!

Not only are LYDA's jeans great for sports and activities, but they're also awesome for hands on work! So, forget the bulky baggy work wear pants and jump into some fitted, comfortable, stretchy and durable LYDA denim! Cass Prochera…

Short Review on LYDA's Womens Multi-use Denim!

Meet Heather, She's a new LYDA customer and just bought a pair of the womens multi-use denim. Check out her Instagram at @heathertheshredder  to see what other activities she loves to do in LYDA jeans! @heathertheshredder “Holy…

Ideas On How To Style Your Denim!

   One of the best selling features of LYDA's denim is the fact that they're so versatile. Here are some images of different ways on how to wear the jeans to best fit your lifestyle.   Casual and sporty with high tops, a sweater and a…