Between Gears: Women’s Freeride/Slopestyle Contest – Vote your top 3 photos NOW!

LYDA Collective is proud to be a sponsor of @betweengears created and run by Stephanie Nychka a.k.a. @rideslikeamother.

Check out Steph’s IG post below and check out VOTENOW to vote for your top 3 female shredders.


rideslikeamother #motivationalmonday

The first time I went mountain biking, I borrowed a friend’s bike and returned it worse for wear. But I liked riding enough to buy a cheap bike, which I took straight down a ravine and taco’d both wheels. So I sold it, and bought a Kona hardtail- I rode the shit outta that thing- off loading docks, retaining walls and stair gaps. My downhill debut was in Fernie on that same bike. I was a complete hack, and continued to be so for years. ?

5 birthdays later, I competed in The Crankworx Air affair and placed 28th of 100 guys, 18th in the Red Bull Freezeride (a spectator got stitches after I slipped off the school bus, taking my cassette to the noggin) and rode in numerous dirt jump competitions alongside men. With a fire ignited, I created my own event, SlopeSistair, to find other strong riders and encourage growth in women’s riding. With the support of @pinkbike it was incredible, but after losing sponsorships and coverage, I had to give it up. I was becoming jaded, so I started riding for myself again.

Now, I’m one foot in mountain biking and one foot in bmx, a no mans land. Deciding to move to BMX was an exciting decision, yet I continue to feel like a traitor. I feel the lack of forward movement in women’s slopestyle/DJ/freeride is extremely frustrating, and I will continue to challenge my limits on a bike, even if it means riding a bmx while continuing to push women’s mountain biking on the side.

If you’ve made it all the way here, go to the link in my bio and vote for your top 10 photos! @betweengears is an online women’s mtb contest to create a platform for riders to find community and inspire each other. In this first contest riders submitted photos that were characteristic of their personal riding style. Your top 10 riders will be narrowed down to three by judges @nicholirogatkin @micaylagatto@bretttippie @gregwatts1987 and @vaeaverbeeck to win prizes from sponsor @lydacollective !
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