Athlete Cade Brock Shares A Bit About Himself And His Passions!

One of the best parts about creating and running an active lifestyle clothing company is connecting with real, dedicated, passionate people you get to meet along the growth and development stages of the brand. Cade reached out to LYDA Collective this summer about representing the products, and it’s been inspiring to constantly watch him progress and challenge himself each day on his bike.

Here’s some background on Cade and why he loves to ride:

How old are you now and when did you start getting into riding?

I’m 23 years old and I started BMX racing when I was 11 because a kid at my after school care did it. I switched to freestyle BMX at 15 and then switched over to MTB at 22.

What’s your favorite thing about riding bikes?

My favorite thing about what I am doing currently is the opportunity to travel all over the world and see it in a different way than most people when they travel. Everywhere I go I meet local riders, make lifelong friends and feel like I have somewhere to stay or someone to meet up with almost anywhere I go.

Why do you ride?

I do what I do because I love it. Riding gives me the opportunity to let everything else go. It’s truly living in the moment. If I’m worried about anything other than exactly what I’m doing when I’m riding Slopestyle I’m going to get hurt. It takes complete focus and letting everything else go which is what makes it so amazing!

His other sponsors include 51 Fifty Energy, Kali Protectives, SCG Shoes and Handup Gloves

Thanks for being a part of LYDA Collective Cade. Live Your Dreams Always.

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