Ladies….Check out this LYDA denim review posted by Emily Oppliger.

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Review: LYDA DJ Jeans


At the 2017 Crankworx, Whistler I was able to test out a pair of LYDA’s prototype freeride/dirt jump jeans. When Jenna told me about these, I was instantly thinking, Finally! For years I have been heading to the dirt jumps in my work pants or shorts and riding with guys who had the luxury of stretchy, tough, and fitted jeans.

There are now numerous options for mountain bike kits, but it is nice to see this niche of riding conquered. LYDA is not a big brand creating collections but rather a brand with a purpose to fill the gap. These jeans are available for both men and women because they rock so much! LYDA is a brand that is passionate about taking care of those who pursue outdoor action sports such as BMX, DJ, mountain biking, freeride, and skateboarding.


My first thoughts were these jeans look stretchy, burley and protective but I also could wear them out. With multiple different color-ways you can choose what best fits your personality! Straight black for the original skinny jeans look, or funky tie dye and bleach fades for the more rugged appearance.


I have always had trouble getting jeans to fit me and actually be comfortable. Comfort to me is not having to pull them up constantly and not feeling restrictive over glutes, thighs, and calves. As riders it is important to have apparel that performs dynamically with our actions. These jeans are fitted, comfortable, stretchy, protective, and attractive.


In the past the fly of jeans has been restricting when bending over, pumping, pedaling, or tumbling down a landing. LYDA integrates a strong engaging zipper that takes the tension out of the fly area and lets it move with your body.

Action athletes use body movement to create momentum to pump rollers, corner, launch and land jumps. Being in restrictive pants can constraint our bodies movements and ability to react to the terrain.


These pockets are to die for. Well at least for us ladies they are. Mens jeans have always had the luxury of large front pockets but ladies jeans are stuck with short small ones that our phones stick out of. This is my favorite part of these jeans! These pockets are voluminous but stealthy. I can now carry my phone and GoPro in these pockets while I ride without losing any comfort! The pockets run down the thighs so whatever is in them is not bashing into your hips or suspiciously about to dive to the dirt. The stretchy material forms around the pocket so these items are not forceful against your thighs either.


Even though these pants are stretchy they are elastic and are always fitted around the waist. Washing and drying seem to have no effect on the performance or integrity. I do recommend washing them before you wear them the first time just like any new clothes.


LYDA jeans are stretchy as previously stated but it also is built to last and be functional.

Big powerful seams that allow the material to move without stress or tension.

Sturdy zippers to keep your valuables covered (front and rear)

Knee protection built in to save your knees from the dirt they always seem to be acquainted with.

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